Term & Conditions

These terms are upgraded regularly without notice. Please review these terms everytime.
You have a responsibility to copyright laws in your authority.
You may:
  • Upload upload your finished artwork to our website.
  • Printed one or more copy artworks for personal purpose.
  • Create and show a “flip-throgh” video by physical book (without access code)
  • Create and show a “slideshow” video by digital images.
  • Post images when you review online (with a large watermark to protect the artwork).
  • Notice and forward our promotional email to people you know ((while abiding by all email related laws).
  • Use our images into any coloring events as long as the other rules regarding sharing of images are followed).
You may not:
  • Repost our “preview images”. Preferably, share a link to CocoWyo.com or one of our community.
  • Share our images any ways for commercial purpose without written permission.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to support@cocowyo.com. Thank you.