1) Which kinds of pens will you recommend in your books?

We do not stipulate any type of pens to color in our books. It depends on your favorite pens as long as you feel comfortable and satisfied with the coloring process. We usually use Copic Sketch Markers, which are alcohol-based. Their ability is blended to create nice gradients. They’re available in 358 colors and we are trying to acquire all 358 colors. We use them to color for wide details and use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens for narrow ones.

2) Why are papers between your books not unified? 

We never stop improving the paper’s quality. We know that coloring paper plays important role in your coloring process and maybe affects your artwork. Each of our books is printed by a third manufacturer via our recommendation but we are not totally in control. Coloring books require a large amount of specific paper so they try to the best paper in their range.

3) Would you mind if I use your artwork in my craft project?

Of course! You completely come up with our artwork for your unique project. You can share anyplace and show your achievement. However, we cannot allow you to use our artwork for commercial purposes. View our full license eagreement here!

4) Which types of topics are essential in your books?

At the present, we often focus on Mandala, Floral, Animal, Nature, Pattern, Horror, Midnight Garden, Midnight Forest, Sugar Skull, etc.

5) Would you mind if I redraw about your artworks?

You can repaint our artworks without commercial purpose.

6) Can I discuss about your artworks with other members in your community?

Yes! We encourage everyone to discuss enthusiastically in our community that related to only our books.

7) I have some issue with a paperback book. Where can I get refund?

Please contact Amazon for any concerns related to paperback books.

More questions or concerns?
Don’t hesitate to contact us through or via our social media