Botanical Coloring Book

October 19, 2021

by CocoWyo (Author)

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Botanical/Coloring Book


Botanical Coloring Book From Coco Wyo Publishing.

It’s time to appreciate the beauty of nature!

In this book, you will find 40 stunning illustrations that are accurate representations of plants. All the images are botanical but they also focus on aesthetics to make things more interesting. For example, you will see how a miniature garden is placed inside an apple, a flower globe, and a lily turntable. This book not only lets you appreciate the beauty of nature but also allows you to expand your imagination.

Let’s explore the world of botany and bring these sweet images of nature to life with color!

Why you will love this book:

  • Relaxing coloring pages. Every page you color will pull you into a relaxing world where your responsibilities seem to fade away.
  • Beautiful illustrations. We’ve included 40 unique images for you to express your creativity and create masterpieces.
  • Single-sided pages. Separately printed sheets to prevent bleed-through and allow you to easily remove and frame your favorite piece(s) of art.
  • Great for all skill levels. You can color every page however you want and there is no wrong way to color.

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