Welcome to Coco Wyo Pages. We are trying to create a valuable playground for everyone and encourage members to discuss enthusiastically about our artworks and share many coloring tips. However, you may obey our community guidelines.
You might only mention and post related to Coco Wyo. You might:
  • You have to post and share about the coloring tips, kinds of coloring pens, the ways how to blend colors and the ways to enjoy our books.
  • You might redraw our artworks with hashtag “coveredcocowyo”
  • You might use our artworks for your project without commercial purpose.
  • You might discuss about our artworks with other members.
  • You might give some advices to us about the quality of papers, colors, layout and contents to improve better.
You might not:
  • You might not share the other artworks of artists, brands, or companies.
  • You might not share violent content which affect other members.
  • You might not share completed artworks by other colorist.
  • You might not advertise our artworks via other groups, pages, or channels.
  • You might not use our artworks or colorists’ completed artworks for commercial campaigns.
  • You might not offend and rate our artist’s ability.
We strive to provide a profound experience for everyone with our community:
  • We are already to welcome you if you give private messages or your suggestions to us.
  • Keep all conversations with positive, respectful, friendly attitude and specially not war.
  • Report posts that are not following our community guidelines.
  • Respect other member’s privacy and completed artworks.
Thank you for reviewing our guidelines. We appreciate you being part of our community.