Our Story

Hey! We’re Coco Wyo!

Our hunch is that a friend of yours shares one of their finished coloring pages, or you come across one of our social media. Whichever path you took, we’re really glad you’re here.

Which Brings Us To You

We want to spread positivity to everyone, connect, and understand you through the way you freely express your imagination in your artwork. We believe art can be therapeutic and bring lots of value into our lives. Our coloring books are the way we share our art with the world and you- our lovely customer, can have a relaxation time while creating masterpieces.

You Are Our Motivation

We are open to any constructive feedback and will thoughtfully consider it to better ourselves for our community.

Dive Deeper Into Our World, We Will Lead The Way

Coco Wyo believes coloring is genuinely a gift to the world. When we draw, it’s our hearts that do the talking. The most important thing about coloring is you can be anyone you want to be and express anything you desire. There are no mistakes, just unique creations. We have an image in our mind and we’re just using our emotions to express it in a visual way. With anything on our hands, we focus all of our attention on just filling in the colors,, and the vibrant image will gradually appear upon us.

We, at Coco Wyo, thank you for your support.